In-Flight Instruments (I-FI) is a small Android application for aviators. I-FI is provided free, with no ads or Permissions. It was developed as a personal project to experiment with the Android platform and devices. Note that it requires an internal solid-state gyroscope in the Android device for full functionality. Warning: This app should never be used as a primary source of aviation or navigation information in flight.

Attitude Indicator (AI) and a Heading Indicator similar to a Directional Gyro (DG) for devices like the Nexus-7 equipped with internal Gyroscopes.

I-FI Sample Screen

I-FI Sample Screen

On devices where an internal solid-state gyroscope is absent, there may be abrupt changes to attitude and heading. Even on those devices, some pilots report that the Heading Indicator might sometimes be off by up to 30 degrees, though the AI functioned perfectly and the “DG” would occasionally reset to then show an accurate heading.

For those devices without an internal solid-state gyro this app uses the internal accelerometer and magnetic flux of the earth to calculate the orientation of the device relative to gravity. This interpreted orientation is then converted to pitch, yaw, and roll by calculations in the app for display on the screen. Some pilots whose Android devices don’t have an internal gyro (the Droid X for example) report that I-FI still displays a useful backup AI.