New Avare Videos

We’ve just published two new Avare Intro videos on our new YouTube Channel, Avare and more, by Apps4Av.

These videos are designed to be fast-paced with many details provided in a short time, so that you can pause or back up and repeat any parts you’d like to understand more fully. The two videos are:

Avare Intro – Part 1: Installation – a brief tutorial on how to install and perform initial setup of Avare, so as to start using it more quickly.

Avare Intro – Part 2: Preferences & Features – builds on Part 1 with a tour through some settings in Preferences that lay the groundwork for getting started with Avare basics. Then it takes you on a quick tour of some commonly used features.

After watching these two videos, our hope is that you’ll find it easier to get comfortable with the Avare user interface (as of version 7.6.8). This may help you to continue exploration on your own with a basic understanding of the core features. Because the app has so many powerful features, each user tends to fine-tune their specific setup and focus on specific functions over time.

Please consider sharing your comments on these videos or your uses of Avare or our other apps on our Forum. We may post more videos, and revise or replace these as the apps continue to evolve.

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