Free Geo-Referenced IFR Plates in Avare

You can now install free “Geo-Referenced” live IFR Plates in Avare, thanks to the volunteer work of a “tagging” team that manually added and checked Geo-reference data for almost every FAA Plate. This means that Avare can now show your actual position on the Plate during an IFR approach, updated in real time while on the active area of the Plate, similar to how your position is shown during taxi on the Airport Diagram. These free Plates are a great way to add situational awareness in flight, even for VFR flying.

Steps to install & activate live Plates:
1. Ensure that you have Avare version 5.7.7 or later installed.

2. Download the “Plates Geo-reference Info” file, using:
Options > Download > Plates/d-TPP/ADs

3. Install all of the area or state Plates desired, using:
Options > Download > Plates/d-TPP/ADs

4. Use the Plate button at the bottom of the screen to bring up the Plate menu, and select the desired plate.

A Green dot  over the runway on a Plate is an indicator that it has been Geo-referenced, initially checked, and is ready to use for your further verification and situational awareness.

Note that like all apps on handheld devices like phones and tablets, Avare is not FAA Certified and can not be used for primary navigation in either IFR or VFR flight. As with all such apps, Avare may be used as an Electronic Flight Bag for informational purposes and as a tool for secondary situational awareness.

If you have questions or tips on using Plates in Avare, please share them in the Avare Forum.

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