Partnerships, Marketing

Apps4Av occasionally receives requests from hardware vendors seeking assistance with integration or for marketing related activities. This page offers general information to those who have made (or are planning) such a request.



Apps4Av strives to integrate hardware that is (or could be) widely adopted to increase safety in the cockpit. We also recognize that users and vendors both benefit from a well integrated user experience.

However, the core Apps4Av developer team remains small and 100% volunteer. We develop in our free time and receive no tangible compensation. Thus, we prioritize feature requests based on our own personal interests, the requests of our users, and the best interests of Avare (to ensure it remains a strong and maintainable app).

Hardware Integration

Our developer team will consider your request and, if found to be beneficial and practical, add it to our integration plan. We ask for your active assistance in integration. Here are ways you can help (ordered by our preference):

  1. Donate sample hardware to Apps4Av. It is difficult to ensure compatibility without access to the hardware. We suggest a donation of at least 1 (and up to 4) “devices” for distribution to our core developers. Here is how it will be used:

    • For initial development by those skilled in hardware integration.

    • For distribution to the core development team for longer-term compatibility testing.

    • We generally retain and continue testing donated hardware for a minimum of two years.

    • When it reaches end-of-life or end-of-support, it may be raffled to raise funds or given as a thank you to long term supporters (i.e., those who have provided donations or other support)

    • We generally do not sell hardware that has been donated to us. However, we may do so after the minimum retention period. Proceeds will be used as if it were a monetary donation.

    • We may return it to you, if requested in advance. (Please make it clear that the equipment is on loan!) We do not guarantee its safe return but will treat your hardware with respect. (FYI, Loaned hardware generally does not attract as much developer interest as fully donated hardware.)

  2. We accept monetary donations supporting our servers and other costs.

  3. We also accept new hardware donations for use in joint marketing or fund raising. For example, we may raffle the new hardware to our user base or our list of recent donors.

We will not accept hardware donations unless we plan to integrate the hardware. However, we make no warranties or guarantees respecting the timing or success of such integration. (Bottom line, we do the best we can do using our limited resources.)

If you profit because of Avare compatibility, we ask your help to ensure that we can afford to distribute our app for free! Please consider doing one (or all three) of the above.

Inquiries should be directed to our Support at

Thank you for your support.

Marketing and Use of Apps4Av Marks

As a non-profit group offering free apps, we don’t do much marketing. However, we will consider partnering for joint marketing activities on a case-by-case basis.

You may use our trademarks and service marks in your marketing only in a referential phrase. For example, “compatible with Avare”. You may not imply our endorsement of any product. We do not guarantee long-term support for any product. We reserve all rights afforded by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws of the United States of America.

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