Avare Adds AddOns

The popular Avare app now has new free AddOns released on the Play Store, to provide capabilities beyond those built into the base app.

First is the new free AddOn for interfacing external GPS and ADS-B receivers to your Android device in Avare. This is the start of a giant leap in Avare capabilities as the Apps4Av team begins its second year of providing free and open source Android apps for aviators.

Our second free AddOn is for connecting Avare to the XPlane application. With this AddOn the XPlane application can send location data to Avare, which allows seeing XPlane’s plane location, speed, heading, and altitude on Avare. To connect with XPlane, use Xplane’s Net Connections Menu to provide the IP address, and match the UDP port of your Android device running the Avare AddOn (the default port is 49000).

As with all the Apps4Av projects, our team members welcome your feedback and suggestions on our Forum (link at the top of the right column of this page).

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